Basic Exam

We offer the following basic exams:

1 MathematicsXXXXXX
2 PhysicsXXXXXX
3 Electrical FundamentalsXXXXXX
4 Electriconic FundamentalsXXXXXX
5 Digital Techniques/Electronic
Instrument System
6 Materials and HardwareXXXXXX
7A/7B Maintenance PracticesAAAAAB
8 Basic AerodynamicsXXXXXX
9A/9B Human FactorsAAAAAB
10 Aviation LegislationXXXXXX
11A/11B/11C Turbine/ Piston Aeroplane Aerodynamics,
Structures and Systems
12 Helicopter Aerodynamics,
Structures and Systems
13 Aircraft Aerodynamics,
Structures and Systems
14 PrepulsionX
15 Gas Turbine EngineXX
16 Piston EngineXXX
17A/17B PropellerAAB

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