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WorldTracer Basic - WTB

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Access to WorldTracer with CRT required.

Target Groups

Lost and found agents.


Passenger handling knowledge recommended.


Participants will get skills in WorldTracer Tracing and Management system, handling of lost & found matters and baggage claims.


  • introduction in WorldTracer-Liaison/access with CRT
  • Austrian Airlines WorldTracer memberships (WT Tracing, WT Management, WT Claims Investigation, WT Internet)
  • introduction in WorldTracer working methods and options of Austrian Airlines (WT masks, handling of AHL/OHD/DPR files)
  • general transactions (help pages, WT information pages)
  • guidelines and procedures for Austrian Airlines Arrival Service handling (incl. awareness on associated hazards)
  • Introduction in WorldTracer Internet for passengers
  • Austrian Airlines forms
  • Star Alliance procedures
  • WorldTracer lost/found property
  • WorldTracer station management reports
  • lost & found handling on station level
  • WorldTracer baggage tracing tools and procedures
  • WorldTracer baggage tracing transactions
  • WorldTracer baggage tracing examples
  • WorldTracer action file
  • WorldTracer BDO - Baggage Delivery Order
  • general conditions of carriage
  • settlement procedures (as well as inside the Star Alliance)
  • maximum liability - Montreal Convention
  • customer relations - baggage claims

Final Check

The pass mark is 80 %.

Duration & Schedule

4 days

Day 1-4: 08:00 - 16:00



and on request.
Please contact us.


EUR 796,00 + 20% VAT